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FORTUS produce echipment for:

a. Inorganic Chemistry:
- machines for chemical fertilizers: preparation limestone, granular, crushed grains, drums dusting die, die tilting installations phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid tower components;
- equipment manufacturers of chlorine: calciners rotating aggregates soda pressing, circular conveyor, mixer, milk tank lime, limestone feed skip, bucket elevator;
- rotary kilns for obtaining chemical chromium, barium carbonate. 

b. Organic Chemistry:
- fans for ammonia production facilities;
- pump components;
- platforms and crankshafts for injection molding;
- forged components for tyres injection presses.

c. Oil Extraction:
- pumps drilling mud systems;
- stabilizers drilling wells;
- feathers deviation for drilling in bush.

d. Natural Gas Transport:
  - big ball valves;
  - centrifugal compressor components: frames, crankshafts, flanges, bushings;
  - forged compressor shells.