Steel casted parts

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The steel used for casting is melted at the Electric Melting Shop and / or at the Steel Foundry.
The  equipment and  casting pits of the workshops ensures the casting
of parts having a net weight of max 90 tons.

The casting method is based on the utilization.of moulds of sand bonded with
Soda water glass and hardened with CO2.
Moulds and cores are manufactured using patterns and core boxes of wood made
In our own pattern shop or provided by the customer ; for large series production , metallic patterns are used.

Steel grades

The range of  most frequently used steels for casting :
DIN 1681 (GS 45- 60 );  DIN 17182-SEW510 ( GS20Mn5 );  DIN 17445  ( GS34CrMo4 );
SR EN 10293:2005  (GE200, GS200, GE240, GS240, GE300, G20Mn5, G28Mn6, G26CrMo4, G34CrMo4, G42CrMo4, G35CrNiMo6-6);
W 1.3802  ( GX120Mn12 ).

International authorizations for castings with the weight up to 45 tons as per LRS and GL.